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Lessons and Training


Five Star offers training services for your horse(s).  Contacts can be numerous methods including groundwork, lunging, hacking, jumping exercises and fitness building.  Training is progressive with Five Star.  Horses are not advanced beyond their level, either training or conditioning.  Sharon believes in building a horse’s confidence by giving them every opportunity to do something correctly.  She believes in making the wrong the difficult and the right thing easy.  She doesn’t believe in shortcuts.

Training programs are catered to each specific client with a combination of training and conditioning sessions.  We work to reach goals in methodical ways, building a horse’s strength as well as physical and mental abilities.  It is vital that a horse is prepared to move forward in all aspects in order to continue to be successful.

A horse in training with Five Star is also managed in regards to veterinary care, nutrition and general management.  Owners can be as involved in the management as they care to be and Five Star will work with you to plan and maintain a horse with respect to your preferences.  Five Star works with many industry professionals and experts to bring you the best possible program, management and care for your horse.

Single training rides are offered based on availability.  Clients can also purchase lessons on top of training packages for those that would like to advance their horse’s training with their own.


Lessons with Five Star are about learning and growth.  Sharon will challenge horses and riders while keeping success in their grasp.  She encourages riders to push themselves to accomplish the next step in their education and reach their goals.  Sharon praises her riders whenever she can and offers constructive criticism when needed while offering advice on how to improve.  She utilizes many different methods, exercises and approaches, catered to each individual, in order to help educate her clients.  Education is progressive – no steps are skipped.  Riders and horses are given the skills needed to learn the next step in their training and are encouraged to set goals, competitive or otherwise.  No matter what, Sharon wants her students and horses to succeed.

Private lessons last approximately 45/50 minutes while semi-private and group lessons last approximately 1 hour.  Within reason, Sharon will travel to clients.

NEW!  Sharon is now offering shorter flat lessons for those wanting to tune up or learn more about hacking/basic dressage!  These lessons will be about 25-30 minutes.  Even better, these lessons are offered at discounted rates!  See our pricing page or contact us!