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Testimonials & Reviews

“Sharon is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and improve the partnership with your horse. Whether that means working on the basics with an emphasis on connection and impulsion, or perfecting your show-ready position; Sharon can help you get there. Her explanations are relatable, whole body focused, and give a good dose of riding philosophy with common sense. It’s easy to learn and grow in the always positive and flexible environment she fosters. She’s willing to talk about the whole horse; nutrition, health, and behavior to help you succeed overall.” — Meaghan M., Client

“It is my privilege to work closely with Sharon Beedle of Five Star Equestrian Sport LLC. Her knowledge of the horse industry — specifically the hunter, jumper, and equitation disciplines — on not only a local level, but also the national and international levels, makes her a discerning businesswoman and judicious equestrian. She is a patient teacher and treats everyone with respect, kindness, and honesty. Her programs challenge horse and rider to be keen and athletic, with measurable progression from week to week; yet she balances ambitious goals and aspirations with an unwavering sense of responsibility to always ensure that horse and rider are safe and confident. Five Star is dedicated to teaching correct principles from the ground and under saddle, which is why I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending these programs to my clients, family, friends, and anyone interested in exploring the competitive aspects of hunter, jumper, and equitation arenas. As a professional peer, I especially appreciate Sharon’s commitment to being a productive member of a barn atmosphere. Her clients learn the value of being good citizens to the facility, from keeping the tack room clean-and-tidy to returning jump standards and poles to desired configurations after schooling, and consequently reap the rewards of the strong community of equestrians who help and support each other. I hope to be cheering for the Five Star show team for many more years to come!” — Katie W., Owner, Kayenta Equestrian

“Sharon has been my instructor for about a year, and it has been my great pleasure to work with her! Though I am an experienced rider, my horse and I had been out of the show ring for years. Without Sharon, we would not have been able to achieve our goals and get back to the show ring this summer! She is a very knowledgable trainer and is always happy to offer her experience and advice, in and out of the saddle. She has an excellent eye and is capable of helping riders and horses move forward, be they beginner, intermediate or advanced. I have ridden with many professionals over the years, and I have seldom had the privilege of working with such a discerning professional. I wholeheartedly recommend Five Star for anyone looking to move up the levels competitively or improve their skills, particularly those horses and riders in the hunter, jumper and equitation disciplines.” — Sarah H., Client/Owner, Apollo Equestrian

“When I first started riding with Sharon, I had a bunch of bad habits and she was able to help me identify and fix them in a very short amount of time. She helped me form a plan and specific goals to move my riding forward. I recommend Five Star for anyone looking for sound hunter/jumper instruction, and a trainer that’s genuinely interested in your progress as a rider.” — Tim L., Client

“Love Sharon! She is an amazing individual with extensive equestrian knowledge. I had a young horse in training and Sharon was able to successfully coach us both successfully. I appreciated that she traveled to give me lessons.” — Emma C., Client

“Sharon is absolutely amazing! I found her when I was looking for someone to help me relearn the basics and she has done all that and more. She is knowledgeable but also listens to what is going on with me and my horse. Lessons are tailored to what the rider and horse needs and she’s incredibly flexible with content. I have never felt worried about asking to go over something specific or embarrassed to ask a “stupid question.” On the ground, Sharon always has advice for anything health and behavior related that might come up with any and all types of horses from my 27 year old thoroughbred gelding to my newest project mare.”  — Heather O., Client

“Sharon Taylor with Five Star Equestrian Sport has been so great in helping me achieve my goals as an equitation over fences rider! She keeps her coaching and instructing very personalized. She is knowledgable, well experienced, and always dependable!” — Savanna S., Client

“Sharon Beedle has been a wonderful trainer. She has helped me transition into a better rider and is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with. I highly recommend her to any rider wants to progress to a new level while focusing on horsemanship.” — Brittney L., Client