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About Sharon

Sharon was born in Anchorage, Alaska and began riding at the young age of five with an instructor who valued a correct riding education and did not believe in progressing a student until he or she was ready.  As a result, Sharon learned the importance of a strong foundation in riding horses.  She used that education and training to regularly place in the equitation ring as her competitive career progressed.  She has shown at all levels – from the walk-trot classes at schooling shows to the jumper classes at rated shows.

As a trainer, Sharon believes in being patient and giving a horse every chance to succeed.  She believes in progressive training that gives a horse the skills, fitness and ability to move up and reach their full potential.  Every session should begin with a relaxed horse – if she cannot achieve relaxation, Sharon will go back to the very beginning – walking, stretching and connecting.  As an instructor, Sharon finds a balance between patience and firmness with her students.  She will not push a student beyond a point where they feel safe, but she will encourage them to stretch their comfort zone in order to improve their skills and become better riders.  More importantly, Sharon believes in teaching students to be competent horsemen, not just good riders.

Sharon has trained with many trainers including Ashley Behlen, the Throckmortons, and Bill Turner.  She has taken different aspects of her training and melded together her own methods.  Sharon has a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science (minor in Business Administration) from Colorado State University.  She is a member in good standing of USEF, USHJA and CHJA and she will be working on training certifications through USHJA.

When not in the ring, Sharon enjoys being in the kitchen and spending time with her husband Zach, daughter Reaghan, family, and friends.  She works with her gelding, Irish and enjoys playing with her Chocolate Lab, Duke.